Bike Outing

Take a bikeride along the shores of Vänern, listen to the cries of the seagulls and let the seabreeze cool you down. Or why not bike on the beautiful countryside roads, with widestreched fields, flowers and old foresets. Get around Mariestad on bike and experience our fantastic nature and historical sights.

Package includes:

  • Mariestad's Klings icecream at check-in!
  • Bikemap with marked hidden gems.
  • Two bikes one day and helmets.
  • A shared double or twin room for two persons. 
  • Big breakfast buffet for two persons.
  • Two very popular and tasty shrimp sandwiches.
  • Parking.
  • Price exemple: 1695 SEK for one night in a double room.


Is it time for one of the most memorable occassions of your life? After a fantastic day we will take care of your night time so that the end of your day is just as special. In advance of your stay we prepare your room so that it looks extra nice. In your room there will also be a bottle of cold champagne with a large fruit platter and delicious chocolate. For a perfect ending to your day!

Package includes: 

  • A double room with a King size bed.
  • Big breakfast buffet for two persons.
  • An alchol-free welcome drink when you check-in. 
  • Late checkout so you can enjoy your morning. 
  • Prepared in the room: a bottle of cold champagne with a fruit platter and chocolate.
  • Parking.
  • Prise exemple: 1825:- för en natt i dubbelrum.

Explore Djurö

Take the time to visit Djurö national park. Start your excursion with a private boat ride to the beautiful island in the middle of Vänern. Once there explore the island and enjoy the picknick we prepared for you! Enjoy the cooling sea breeze, admire the plentiful birdlife and visit the historic lighthouse. Its a perfect day to enjoy nature!

Package includes:

  • Private boat tour to Djurö national park around 5 hours there and back, departure adapted to your preference.
  • Stay in a spacious apartment or in a cozy hotel room.
  • Large breakfast buffet, perhaps out on our popular sun teracce?  
  • Welcome drink when you check-in.
  • Picknick basket full of delicious treats. 
  • Parkering.
  • Minimum 6 guests
  • Price exemple: 1600 SEK per person for a stay in a double room. 

Play Padel

Love padel? Or always wanted to try? Why not play a game in Mariestads beautiful harbour, just 375 steps from the hotel! Or if there is rain, play in the new padel arena in central Mariestad. After your game, return to the hotel for an after-padel and relax in a charming and great environment.

Package includes:

  • One padel court, 90 minuter per booking.
  • Classic charcuterie plate, or delicious shrimp sandwiches for two persons.
  • After-padel! One glass of wine, champagne, beer after your match. 
  • A shared double or twin room for two persons.
  • Big breakfast buffet for two persons.
  • Parking.
  • Price exemple för two guests: 1232kr per person for one night in a double room.